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C X-Stream is dedicated to improving your ROI. We are an organization of highly experienced talent in the areas of technology development, systems implementation, business process engineering and change management. We address our clients needs by drawing on our network of senior and industry-specific talent.

Relying on our SMART™ implementation methodology, we achieve seamless integration of resources into existing projects and organizational structures. Every project we have delivered has achieved either one or both of two goals 1) generate revenue 2) reduce costs. Utilizing our advanced tools and practices we will help you choose and execute intelligently, quickly and cost-effectively.

"Thinking is hard work, which is why so few people do it." - H. Ford

We currently have a 100% success rate at implementing technology solutions since 1998. A variety of products and services available for optimizing your business technology:

Patents and IP

Intellectual property is your most valuable asset. What are you doing to create it? To protect it? C X-Stream's cost-efficient enterprise-level patent search and IP solutions are designed to give you the competitive intellectual capital you need to succeed. Our services support the needs of corporate executives, inventors, researchers, financiers, and legal professionals - providing them them with the IP support they require to help fuel innovation and foster competitive intelligence.

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Process and Technology Optimization Solutions

Optimizing technology and processes focus on leveraging your existing investments in operational systems, fostering innovation across business groups, and enabling advanced technologies by eliminating the disconnects between your business requirements and your work process.  C X-Streams extensive methodologies were created with a systems design approach to the implementation of solutions, and contain a deep knowledge of process and controls. Experience matters, and we have it. 

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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions - which uses technologies and web services standards to connect and streamline business processes, systems and information—can help lift your organization to higher performance.  C X-Stream's industry-leading enterprise technology combined with our collaborative approach enables effective integration of business processes to help organizations access, manage and leverage information to make more intelligent business decisions.

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Managed Services

Managed services enables clients to drive their mission critical business applications to greater efficiencies and higher performance. C X-Stream's managed services provides technical excellence for companies who rely on technology to drive the success of their businesses. We offer a comprehensive portfolio with a wide range of sourcing solutions, including strategic outsourcing and innovative pricing solutions. We will help you simplify your IT management and facilitate the ongoing alignment of IT with your overall business goals. With proven methodologies, our team-oriented approach helps you receive predictable levels of support - when you need it. You'll create an improved business agility, creating an adaptive enterprise that responds quickly to change and opportunity. 

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM is integral to your businesses success.  In today's business environment, your success depends on understanding your customers, their needs and requirements, exceeding their expectations for service and delivering value in every phase of the process.  At C X-Stream we understand that effective CRM depends on more than pure technology.

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Health Care Services

Health care services and products achieves unprecedented, high-percentage auto-adjudication of health care insurance claims. The results are dramatic savings of time and costs, as well as increased accuracy, consistency, and control for our customers.

Our industry-unique auto-adjudication system is accompanied by an a-la-carte menu of administrative support systems which operate seamlessly with the core claims system. More details about the support systems for enrollment, member services, medical management, provider contracting, are available. 

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Global Technology Services

Global technology services offers a wide range of products services to help organizations achieve success with capital and operating investments information and communication technology.

We offer a business intelligence service that provides, for a specific country, overseas demographics, overseas national infrastructure capability, and overseas vendor identification in the form of an overseas business analysis profile. 

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