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The Art of Science

C X-Stream was founded as an advanced technology company in 1998 by two trained rocket-scientists - a physicist and a mathematician, dedicated to a single premise:

"Everything should be as simple as possible. But no simpler." - A. Einstein

The most effective technical solutions to complex problems are often the simplest. And frequently the best way to manage complexity is to simply reduce it. Knowledge is power, and nowhere is that more true than the application, deployment and use of technology. There are many technical solutions available for a wide range of business needs and challenges. But technology is only as good as the wisdom of it's application. No one would use a supercomputer to calculate their taxes, but you would be shocked at some of the examples we've seen of technology abuse.  Drawing on our combined 100 plus years of experience, we'll help you choose and execute intelligently, quickly and cost-effectively.

A variety of services are available for optimizing your business and technology:

Web Development

The web development group will help you envision, plan and architect a web site strategy so that you and your business can utilize the power of the Internet that never sleeps. We will help you not only compete, but win in the new digital economy. Since 1998, we have been working with companies from around the globe to achieve long-term success using solid search engine marketing and optimization techniques. Our experts will design and develop your entire web site so that your web pages will appear at the top of search engine queries for your selected keywords and keyword phrases. 

We presently have a 100% success rate at getting our client sites listed on the first page of every major search engine for selected keywords. Several options are available for increasing your site's search engine rank, visibility and business:

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Digital Media

Digital media is more than pretty pictures. It is about saving time and money with video conferencing technology, and providing your clients with the information they need and want, when and where they want it.  And its about advertising your goods and services to reach new clients. Our complete product line provides the highest quality video tools and services based on our pioneering and patented technology.

Our technology is currently running 365/24/7 around the world, from office-to-office video conferencing communications, to inserting local commercials into a major broadcast network feed, and streaming movies and applications to cell phones and PDA's. A variety of options are available for using the power of digital multimedia for your organization:

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C X-Stream's process and technology expertise enables us to deliver measurable business benefits to our clients so that they can achieve the greatest return from their strategic investments in technology and solutions. C X-Stream leverages proprietary methodologies, templates and tools, alliances with strategic vendors, and a dedication to innovation to respond to our clients unique business challenges and opportunities.

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C X-Stream - A. Einstein

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

- A. Einstein

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